Celebrity Undeathmatch

Responses needed for this one, folks.  Joshua would like to know who would win in a fight between a Weeping Angel – yes, them again – and the mother-obsessed Empty Child.

I have my suspicions. They involve the Empty Child getting spirited away by the Angel, who has touched him. But the Angel would then presumably contract the virus in the process, and wind up as a quantum-locked gas mask-wearing zombie angel. So ‘stalemate’ was my first impression.

On the other hand, the Empty Child gives no impression of either looking nor looking away, so would the Angel dare to move in on him? Come to think of it, does the Empty Child actually see anything at all, given that he’s technically deceased? Either way, I’m stuck. And I therefore need your help. Please comment. Otherwise I’ll look like one of these idiots with a blog that people follow but nobody actually reads. Which may be the case, but let’s not give the game away…

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