Things to do on a wet bank holiday

The other week, Joshua and his brothers went to visit their friend Yinka, who lives a few streets away. Visits to and from Yinka are a regular activity. Yinka loves the Smurfs and anything pink, but somehow she and Joshua get on like a house on fire.

Yinka has an interesting book in her collection: Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt’s You Choose, a teeming mass of images with minimalist accompanying text, asking its reader to consider what sort of house they would like, or what sort of clothes they like, or whom they would most like to meet. From one point of view it is an absurd endorsement of consumer culture. From another it is choice fatigue in a nutshell and could thus be psychologically damaging. From yet another – and this may be the correct way – it is a fun, stimulating discussion point that is the cause of arguments when everyone wants to look at it at the same time.

Joshua was particularly taken with the book, but it wasn’t until yesterday that he suggested creating his own version. He had initially had the idea of drawing the pictures, but Emily found an old scrapbook in the craft cupboard and foraged around the living room and study salvaging whatever catalogues she could find. I spent half my morning cutting, and in the afternoon we stuck, once he’d decided where each image would be placed. As I go to press this evening the work is incomplete – I need to find pictures of houses and toys – but as a work in progress it’s looking quite promising.

It was perhaps inevitable that Who would feature in there somewhere, because half the magazines we used turned out to be old copies of Doctor Who Adventures. Anyway, here is his Doctor Who page:

It’s missing the question, because text is yet to be added, but you get the general idea. Josh was initially going to ask “Who would you most like to meet?” but then we added the Jammie Dodger, which does kind of kill the mood a little. We then toyed with the idea of ‘What would you most like to happen?’, which doesn’t even make sense. As it stands I suspect that we will end up asking the first question, the one that must never be asked, hidden in plain sight…”Why don’t you switch off your TV set and do something less boring instead?”.

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