God save the Queen (from nasty werewolves)

I don’t reblog. But I am, quite shamelessly, about to reprint a little text from one of the other blogs I follow, specifically a recent post on the Diamond Jubilee concert. I have already pointed out the uncanny resemblance between one veteran performer and a certain Who villain, but Mr Monsters (I don’t know what else to call him) has pointed out something else…text follows:


“The concert ended, oddly with the Queen accepting a fist-sized diamond which she used to activate a bizarre mechanism, to set a beacon alight, and finish the programme. I’m guessing that this is reference to the Doctor Who episode Tooth and Claw where her predecessor, Queen Victoria, used a fist-sized diamond to activate a bizarre mechanism, to set a room alight, defeat a werewolf, and finish the programme.

One of these is fanciful fiction… I think. At least one definitely happened.”


(The full thing is available here, and is well worth a read.)

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