The Great Doctor Who Party (ii)

(If you’ve missed out on the earlier bits of this little saga, they’re available here. And here. And, if you’re really bored, here.) Let’s start with the suit, which we bought on Ebay.

That buffet, then.



I’d much rather forget the entirety of this one, but you can’t have a children’s party without pink wafers. It isn’t wrong, but we just don’t do it.

Job well done, I think. I can take no credit for this; I did the labels and took the photos. My other half did all the work.

As I may have mentioned, the Musical Weeping Angels was a non-starter, but everyone went for the find-the-monster quiz – even though we think it was sabotaged by the eventual winners, whom I’ve now decided hid the Empty Child picture after making a note of the number, which would explain why no one else could find the damned thing. Well, you can’t win ’em all. Literally, as it turns out.

Anyway, it all went off swimmingly, and himself enjoyed it tremendously. And that, of course, is the only thing that really counts.











Like this:

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13 thoughts on “The Great Doctor Who Party (ii)

  1. Missus Tribble

    I wish somebody would hold a party like that for me!

    Perhaps next year, when I turn 40 🙂

  2. Frivolous Monsters

    I liked the Pyramid of Mars Bar Crispies, but sad to see (going completely against my morals) that the fish didn’t make it. The celebrity appearance of the Rutan was inspired.

  3. Amber

    Do you, by any chance, have the pics you used for the flags on a link or something? I’m throwing a Doctor Who party for my husband and those are great! You guys must be crazy fun parents!

  4. This is absolutely fabulous. I’ve a friend who recently had a Doctor Who party for her child so I’ll send her this link. I wish I had your imagination!

  5. Jamie

    Can I ask what the weeping angel cake is? I can’t figure out if it is an angel food cake with a filling, or a ham sandwich (or maybe I’m completely wrong). Would you mind sharing?

  6. Can I ask what recipe you used for the cake with ball bearings? I completely forgot about that “Doctor Who food” and want to use it for my daughters birthday party this year. Thank you!!!

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