Sooty and the Bannermen

Gareth and I were chatting yesterday and I pointed out that someone really should do a Doctor Who story where Matthew Corbett is playing the Doctor and Sooty, Sweep and Soo are playing his companions.

The Sooty Show has never been afraid to dabble in weirdness. There are the protracted dream sequences. The angular (and yet catchy) song and dance numbers. The notorious Prisoner episode. Sweep singing Stevie Wonder better than Stevie Wonder. (“Stevie Wonder sang with a dog?” / “Yes, but you must never tell him.”) And I could have sworn that some of those gags were not aimed at children. In one of Daniel’s favourite episodes, the hapless foursome are getting ready to go to the beach, and Sooty and Matthew are talking in the kitchen.

Matthew: Ah, there you are Sooty. Where’s Sweep?

Sooty: [whispers]

Matthew: He’s still in the bathroom? He’s been in there for ages! He must be having a very thorough wash.

Sooty: [whispers]

Matthew: He’s not having a wash? What’s he doing?

Sooty: [whispers]

Matthew: Is he?

It’s not just me. I know it isn’t.


Anyway. There is, as far as I am aware, no proper Sooty Show / Doctor Who parody, so I shall have to write one. While I get on with that, here’s a sourced-from-Tumblr image of Sweep pretending to be Davros.

Happy Wednesdays!

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