God is in the detail (ii)

You may remember that last week, I posted a selection of seemingly trivial things in the opening two episodes of series seven that WILL TURN OUT TO BE IMPORTANT. Here’s this week’s edition.

‘A Town Called Mercy’

Here’s Kahler Jex. Notice the markings on the side of his face – a vital plot point in the episode’s Three Amigos climax. But the marking also bears a vague resemblance to a ‘3’. And next week’s episode is called ‘The Power of Three’. THIS CANNOT BE A COINCIDENCE.

Here’s the computer display in Jex’s spacecraft. Notice the diamond shape? Remember the white-point diamond from ‘The End of Time’? Yeah, you know where I’m going with this. The Time Lords are coming back!

On the outskirts of town there’s a sign with a skull on top. But don’t forget that season six featured a minotaur stalking the rooms of ‘The God Complex’. Which means HE’S BEEN HERE BEFORE AND WILL PROBABLY RETURN AGAIN, presumably to assist the Doctor at a crucial moment. A sort of taurus ex machina.

Finally, here’s the Doctor holding up his hands. And how many digits can we see? That’s right, ten. And there have been ten Doctors. This is obviously a vital plot point relating to Moffat’s as-yet unknown plans for the fiftieth anniversary. It’s too soon to be sure, but it looks like a full reunion is on the cards. (Although I’d like to know how on earth he got Eccleston on board.)

“Notice,” said Gareth when I showed this to him, “in that final picture that the Doctor wears his watch with the face on the inside of his wrist.  This is clearly symbolic of time working backwards, which is consistent with Oswin dying and later being alive as Clara. And there were 81 inhabitants in the town.  81 is a POWER OF THREE.  Arrgh!”

See? The clues are there; you just have to look…

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