Eggwatch, Part 5b

“We’re fools!” said Gareth. “I made a quip about the ‘timelines being scrambled’, but I was more right than I imagined.  Look at this sequences of screen captures, which occur as the Doctor fights to get the Tardis back to 1938.

1. We see an egg on the scanner!
2. The egg cracks.
3. Dangerously..
4. The timelines are scrambled!
5. Uh-oh.”

To illustrate, here are the screengrabs he provided.

I cannot believe we missed it before. Anyway, it’s nice to be right.

(Postscript: Gareth has also pointed out that ‘No Signal’ is an anagram of ‘Song in L.A.’, which – given Doctor Who’s obsession with cracking America – is a clear indication of what they’re going to do for the anniversary year…)

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One thought on “Eggwatch, Part 5b

  1. Excellent! (eggcelent?) That’s way better than farms or nests. An actual egg! You’ve made my day.

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