Go figure (part iii)

In which: The Doctor Dances.

Those of you who’ve been following for a while may remember the galleries I produced a few months ago when we suddenly built a Doctor Who figure collection. There were two stages to this: Emily’s chance discovery of a bunch of figures in a local charity shop one afternoon (we bought the lot, more or less) and then, some time later, the eleven Doctors set that I bought from Amazon.

Yesterday it was damp, and none of us could be bothered to go anywhere or do anything, so we poked around the house. In the midst of assorted laundry duties I found myself with a creative itch to scratch and got round to doing something I’ve been planning on doing for some time: the Great Doctor Who Dance-off.

(Keep going through all the dodgy poses and you’ll find a few recent acquisitions at the end. But really, this is all about bustin’ some moves.)

The Fifth and Seventh do the robot.

The Thriller zombie mash

“Go greased lightnin’…”

Saturday Night. Note that the Tenth is incapable of doing the hand rolling, largely because of his arms. I should have put him at the back.


You can see what we were trying to do here.

The Bee Gees circle of funk

“Heeeeey, Macarena!”

The Dirty Dancing tribute was a partial success.

Last dance of the evening

The taxi rank outside

“It’s my last 20p, so we really should be getting home after this.”

“Seriously, that happy medium gag? What were you thinking?”

Updated group shot

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