Radagast the not-so-brown

Behold: courtesy of my friend in New Zealand, I give you pointless Hobbit cameo appearance #37: Sylvester McCoy, who plays Radagast, who’s not in the book. There are plenty of shots of him in costume, but here he is at the premiere.


Apparently Victoria asked to shake his hand and he signed it instead, which was probably a Chinese whisper, understandable when you’re trying to make yourself heard in a screeching crowd clamouring for a view of Elijah Wood (who plays a character who’s not in the book) or Cate Blanchett (who plays a character who’s not in the book) or Orlando Bloom (who – oh, forget it).

Anyway: the jacket is truly amazing, and I said so. “It did make me stop and wonder,” responded Victoria, “whether his Doctor Who outfit was provided by the BBC costume department or his own wardrobe…”

Christmas jumpers? Pah.

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4 thoughts on “Radagast the not-so-brown

  1. I am already so angry about this/these movie(s) I can’t even talk about it.

    And my dad thinks we’re going to see this one together for Christmas. WHY WOULD HE WANT TO SEE THIS WITH ME?! He KNOWS what I’m like when forced to watch LotR!

    Also, his sweater is still one of my favourite bits of Doctor costumery ever.

    • reverend61

      Ha! I hear you. I’m really not happy with what they’ve done to it (particularly the plethora of ‘guest stars’, but am trying not to get too upset, because Joshua is looking forward to it. (I’ve found recently that dreadful episodes of New Who are rendered far more bearable when you have an excited seven-year-old who is whooping with delight every time Amy picks up a cutlass…)

  2. Ha! I knew he looked familiar! The movie is going to be amazing, I know there’s a lot of stuff in the movie that’s not in the book. C’mon it’s like a 300pg book and they needed to make 3 movies (for some unknown reason *cough* money *cough*) They’re using a bunch of stuff from the LOTR appendices to flesh it out. But it still looks really cool so W00T Hobbit!

    • reverend61

      I know, the ‘expanded story’ is an absurd bit of money-spinning on behalf of New Line. I could understand them doing one film, but two? Two??? I’m guessing that part one will end with them escaping Mirkwood and part two will end with Smaug taking a dive over Lake Town. It’s all in the structuring.

      My main beef with The Hobbit is that they’ve cast so many household names in small roles, which was a problem I had with Gormenghast – in that, it felt like you were watching Spike Milligan playing the Headmaster, rather than the Headmaster, and in this I worry it’ll feel as if you’re watching Billy Connolly playing Dain, rather than watching Dain. One of the strengths of LOTR is in its casting of relative unknowns (for the time, anyway) in many of the leads. Still, as you say, it looks cool!

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