“Josh, have a fish finger,” Emily was saying. “Daniel’s not eating them.”

Eldest child rummaged in the paper bag that had come out of the Happy Meal box. “Thanks. Do they come with free custard?”

“No,” was the response from my other half. “But you have some milkshake left, so you could dip it in there.”

I rolled my eyes. “See, that was on the tip of my tongue. But if I’d said it, you’d have said that it was irresponsible parenting.”

Emily giggled. “At least Daniel’s eating it now.”

And it’s true, he was.


Coming up next on Brian of Morbius: ruminations from Gareth. But first, here’s a little music.

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3 thoughts on “I. DRINK. YOUR. MILKSHAKE.

  1. Kind sir,

    I have laughed my bottom off at the title of your post, and the additional content is merely (as we Americans like to say) gravy.

    I will admit to a bit of “I DRINK IT UP!” both internally AND aloud as I clicked on it to read. So, there’s that.

    Also, we haven’t really discussed Harry Potter at all (other than that I know you appreciated the Rory Weasley illustration I forced Meg to create for me), but the title also reminded me of this. Somehow, I’ve always managed to make my more artistic friends create things for me (this was right after the book release of HBP).

    My most sincere apologies if this comment does not make much sense, it’s closing on 1 am here, and I’ve dipped into the Christmas wine a bit early.


  2. reverend61

    I remember being in a National Trust cafe outside a mill in Somerset, and Thomas refused to finish his drink, choosing instead to run around in that way he has. I can remember calling him back with the words “Come back here or I *will* finish this milkshake of yours. No, seriously. Look. I. DRINK! YOUR! MILKSHAKE! I DRINK IT UP!”. It still didn’t work, but it got a good laugh in the office.

    The snake gif is fantastic and I’m stealing that for a future post, probably when Doctor Who tackles snakes in some capacity.

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