‘Twas the Feist before Christmas

Take a good look.


Intelligent? Probably. Well-dressed, which would indicate education. There’s a warmth in those eyes, but an air of common sense too. But none of this matters, because the word that invariably gets used to describe the arrival of any new companion – and I mean it, any new companion – is ‘feisty’. Seriously. Look it up. Go on. I can wait. Just Google ‘Doctor Who companions feisty’ (sans quotes) and, for maximum effectiveness, filter the search results so that they exclude anything before November this year (otherwise you’ll just get pages of stuff about Clara).

Gareth was talking to me back in September. “Well, we’ve not met Clara yet, of course,” he said. “She’s obviously going to be feisty, yawn.”

“A feisty companion?” I remember replying. Well, that’ll be new.”

Then just yesterday I had an email from him:

My parents’ Christmas paper has a page-long feature about the impending
Who episode.  We get Clara described to us three times: once in the
heading paragraph, once in the main text, and once by Jenna-Louise Thingy

“Doctor Who has a new woman in his life, but even feisty Jenna-Louise
Coleman can’t dispel the air of icy menace that hangs over this year’s
Christmas special.”

“… but the arrival of a the feisty young governess called Clara soon
puts a smile back on his face.”

“‘Clara is a mysterious one,’ Jenna-Louise teases.  ‘She’s very down to
earth, but feisty and curious, too.”

Oh goody.  We haven’t had a feisty young female in New Who for ages.”

Someone needs to get down to W.H. Smith and get Moffat and Coleman a thesaurus for Yule. I think they’re still open.



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2 thoughts on “‘Twas the Feist before Christmas

  1. I try not to read too much about NuWho episodes/companions/spoilers before they show up. I’d rather gasp along with my littlies. But, yes. They need a new word.

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