The Facebook of Boe

Right. Shameless plug day.


I’ve written at length about the various videos I’ve produced. The routine goes like this: I’ll upload something to YouTube, and then (unless it’s Dalek Zippy, which did quite well) it’ll sit there, fighting for traffic. Then I’ll plug it on Facebook and no one will bother watching it. At some point, when I feel the need, I’ll mention it in here, expanding on the creative process as I feel appropriate, mostly for the sake of having it written down somewhere.

The Facebook thing is probably what bothers me the most, because it’s the moment when you realise that most people are far less interested in what you do than you are yourself. I’ve spent years trying to restrict Facebook updates to solely when I have something interesting or amusing or at least creative to share. I manage an average of one or two posts per day on this basis, but I’ve never been one for the “still lying in bed eating toast” mundanities. It just doesn’t work for me. That’s one reason I don’t tweet. Never mind the fact that Emily gets a guaranteed twenty plus likes for anything she says (posting, as it stands, even more sparingly than I do, so there may be something in that); it can be a bit disheartening when you spend ages doctoring a photo and then upload it to find that many of your so-called friends simply couldn’t care less. If you mention food, on the other hand, in any capacity, then everyone is immediately interested.

I know it’s shallow to live your life according to the ‘like’ button. I really do. But who doesn’t want exposure? How many of us would genuinely curl up with embarrassment if we were freshly pressed, rather than jumping for joy? How many of you are, like me, logging on to your dashboard each morning to check the overnight stats? Maybe you have to actually be really established with thousands of followers before this stuff no longer matters. I live in hope of someone important stumbling across this blog and suggesting that I write a book and offering a decent commission. I know it doesn’t work like that – for every isolated success story there are a hundred thousand others where years of hard graft and self-publicising got the authors concerned precisely nowhere, but you still find yourself wanting the fairytale ending.

I try not to tailor my writing for an audience these days if I can help it. If you do that you lose who you are. But I have set up a Facebook page for the video editing. Initially it was just going to be a way of having everything together in one place, but it then occurred to me that there are people like me all over the internet – people shouting to be heard above a maelstrom of burping children and homophobic rants and cats falling off workbenches.

Not that I’d want to suggest that any of my work is Oscar-winning, or even particularly good. I just wish more people would watch it. And it would be nice to chat to others as well. I set up a page with the intention of attracting like-minded souls, and at time of writing it has precisely one ‘like’, which is as I expected. So I am – for probably the first and only time – going to mention it here. Facebook is awash with random pages that no one looks at, but if I can just get ooh…ten people together that’ll be a good start. That may even be enough. So if you’re interested, or if you know anyone who is, come and join us. You can even help me redecorate.

(If you needed any more incentive, guys, then how about this – if you visit this page, you will basically find out my real name. It’s not in black and white, but you can figure it out…)

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One thought on “The Facebook of Boe

  1. [gasp]

    I hardly ever like things with my real name! But since it’s you, and I already spent an afternoon watching your videos, I figure it’s the least I can do. 🙂

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