Crater of Needles

OK, this is fantastic.


By sheer coincidence, Emily has taken up crochet this year. What are the odds I can get here to come up with something similar?

(Gareth sent me this, via a web link which is frankly worth examining for the borderline unreadable mumblings of Luke Smith alone. Sometimes I think stupid people should be banned from using the Internet.)

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4 thoughts on “Crater of Needles

  1. I totally want these!

    • reverend61

      If I can get Emily on board (which is admittedly unlikely) I’ll have her whip you up a batch…

  2. Alysa

    Just great – now I need to learn to crochet! Thanks!!!!!!!

    • reverend61

      You’re welcome. It’s amazing what people can achieve with a needle, isn’t it?

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