Meanwhile in the TURDIS (part 2)

Here’s what Thomas and I have been watching the past few days.

(You could probably skip them all except for Babelcolour’s tribute to the Second Doctor, which is really quite lovely, and has made me determined to watch some Troughton over the next few weeks. Although the ‘functioning’ chameleon circuit is amusing…)


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3 thoughts on “Meanwhile in the TURDIS (part 2)

  1. Frivolous Monsters

    Lovely how he Black&White-ed the colour Patrick Troughton scenes of the seventies and eighties: He normally does the opposite. If you enjoy Babelcolour’s work I loved his Nicholas Courtney tribute he put out (I think, it was certainly when I saw it) after he died.

    • reverend61

      I’d never heard of him until relatively recently, but having discovered this I’m compelled to look through his other stuff!

      • Frivolous Monsters

        He had a better one as he “colourised” a big trailer for Mission to the Unknown / Dalek Masterplan which I tried to find, but it’s gone. His YouTube says he’s deleted some stuff so it may appear on a DVD some time soon. He’s just finished colourising a full episode of the Mind of Evil (the full screen version) for the BBC which is coming out on DVD soon.

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