All the sand which is there

Sometimes, on a beach, you run out of stuff to do.


I can’t help thinking that the other-worldly time vortex-created graffiti impact of this might have been greater IF I HADN’T LEFT THE STICK IN SHOT.

Emily, who was sitting on the wall at the top of Minehead’s artificially constructed beach, had another idea. So we did that.


I like the idea that you might be able to see it from space. You know, if you had a really, really powerful magnifying scope.

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4 thoughts on “All the sand which is there

  1. Hey, my name’s Emily too! Well, my non-pen-name is Emily. And hey, I write Bad Wolf everywhere humanly possible! And draw even more TARDISes everywhere!

    • reverend61

      Fantastic! I also had a phase of doing it with ‘The cake is a lie’ from Portal. I may start that up again. Thanks for the follow!

  2. Hello sweetie was inspired, brilliant!

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