Lego Balamory Revisited

You will recall the Lego Balamory I constructed the other week. It now lies in pieces around our bungalow, partly in the form of still-intact chunks of plastic masonry that sit in the jute basket that houses the other bricks; partly cannibalised for Joshua’s next project (more on that another time). But before I took the thing apart – which had to happen quickly, because it really wasn’t fair to hog most of the Lego in the house for the sake of a vanity project – I managed to get creative with the video camera. This was the result.

For those of you unfamiliar with the original, this is a recreation of the title sequence, up to a point – make sure you watch the whole thing! A two-pronged approach was necessary: first, I swooped in and out with the video camera, mimicking the pans of the original as closely as I could. The waving characters was done using the SLR, and some (very) simple stop-motion. The jerky positioning and inconsistent lighting hopefully masks the fact that half of them appear to be making obscene gestures. Some work better than others. I’m quite pleased with Archie; it’s a shame he looks so much like Lotso.

Try and ignore the fact that it was filmed on a folded zed bed in my spare bedroom, and that there’s a towel sitting behind the model, supposedly emulating forestry. Also ignore the yellow articulated trailer standing in for Edie McCredie’s bus, and the fact that you can clearly see my shadow just as the camera zooms in on the white house. Basically this is low-tech. It was off the back of it that I realised I needed a better approach to lighting and also a remote control for the camera shutter.

As a compare and contrast exercise, here’s the original – I referred to it when putting this together.

I’m still toying with the idea of a Lego Holmfirth. But maybe not yet.

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