God is in the detail (vii)

After my rant of yesterday, I think we all need a bit of light relief. But you’ll have to wait a few days for that. First of all, here is the next exciting installment of SEEMINGLY TRIVIAL THINGS THAT WILL TURN OUT TO BE TERRIBLY IMPORTANT. This one, of course, relates to last Saturday’s ‘Cold War’.

First and foremost, have a look at this.


Yes, it’s a depth gauge. OR IS IT?!? You see, after painstaking research I’ve discovered that the acronym METEPC actually stands for ‘Many Electron Theory, Experimental Physics Center’. The Many Electron Theory was put forth by Oktay Sinanoglu in 1961, the year that saw the births of Matthew Waterhouse and Steven Moffat, neither of which can be a coincidence. The letters of Oktay Sinanoglu, in turn, can be rearranged to form ‘Yak’s Loin Nougat’. Hence, the Doctor is going to ride a Yak (called Vivian, and he asks that you respect his lifestyle choices) through the Experimental Physics Center. And then offer nougat in lieu of jelly babies.

(The Experimental Physics Center, by the way, is in Beijing. Have you ever been? It’s lovely.)

Now. Here’s some apparently random blood smearing a photo wallet.


Except it’s not blood at all, it’s the wings of a phoenix. And Phoenix, as everyone in the Whoniverse knows, is a short story in which the Eighth Doctor defeats the concotions of a magical book. Conclusions? Paul McGann is returning. Watch the skies.

Here’s the Eleventh Doctor’s bow tie.


Eleven clearly visible dots. ON EACH SIDE. That means TWO ELEVENTH DOCTORS. Two Doctors, one here and ONE IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE. Separated by a barrier. Like this.


Or this.


Or this.



Moving on, let’s have a look at David Warner, because that’s always fun.


Notice his Walkman. Specifically notice that it is yellow, but that in this particular shot it looks orange. Now think back to this.

And, courtesy of deviantart, we can break these down like this:


Orange? Scientist? ORANGE? SCIENTIST? This cannot be a coincidence. Be warned, Professor, your cards are marked. YES-WE-KNOW-WHO-YOU-ARE.

(If that’s not proof enough, the ‘Professor’ also sings ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ during the episode – leaving aside the obvious Bad Wolf connotations, consider these lyrics:

” Dark in the city night is a wire
Steam in the subway earth is afire”

A clearer reference to ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’ I never saw. Seriously, Moffat and Gatiss couldn’t have made this more obvious if they’d had him grow an eye stalk mid-episode.)

That submarine captain. Notice the insignia on the (stage) right hand side of his jacket.


It’s a bird of some sort, right? WRONG. It’s clearly the beeping line of a heart monitor. And why would there be a heart on the right hand side of his jacket unless it was a BLATANT CLUE that he has two of them??? Search the man. Go on, check his pockets. I’ll bet my unopened Magnus Greel action figure that he’s carrying a fob watch that’s never worked.

Speaking of naval personnel, look at this, from three episodes back.

The Snowmen_0.21.13.21

And now look at this.


Told you it was coming. TOLD YOU.

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