Eggwatch, part 8

You know, the more I watch this series, the more I fear we might have been off about the eggs. Either that or the eggs are off. You pick. What was once a fertile and abundant sprinkling of imagery – building to a glorious climax in ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ – appears to have dwindled to a barren sense of nothingness, like the sense of sexual arousal you feel when Bonnie Langford gets her kit off. It’s as if Moffat got wind of this blog and deliberately re-shot scenes from the second half of the series so that all the eggs were removed. In fact, I’ll bet that’s what he’s done, the spoilsport bastard.

Still. ‘The Rings of Akhtanen’ does its best. I mean, these sort of look like eggs. Don’t they?



Come to think of it, so do these.



But then you get ‘Cold War’, WHICH HAS NONE AT ALL. This is hardly a surprise, given that eggs don’t travel well on submarines.

Still, after minutes of fruitless scouring I examined the transcript, and discovered that the word ‘shell’ is mentioned not once, not twice, but three times. That has to count for something, surely?



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