We were on holiday, which I’ll tell you about some time. At the beginning of the week, Thomas had a two-hour illness, so we confined him to the house while Emily went in search of the medicine that we eventually didn’t need. Then he came up with an interesting use for that week’s Doctor Who Adventures gift.




(In case you were wondering, he beat me, in three moves, and without having to use the sonic screwdriver.)

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7 thoughts on “Checkmate

  1. Daleks V.S. Cybermen!

    • reverend61

      And sooo much more interesting than ‘Doomsday’….!

      • Thank you!
        They should have a Dalek v.s. Cybermen episode. Not Doomsday Dalek v.s. Cybermen, both sides fighting to the max. I don’t think the Cybermen would lose that easily to the Daleks if they tried.
        Not sure what the doctor would be doing. Try to destroy the Cybermen with love? 😉

      • reverend61

        These days, I fear that’s *exactly* what he’d do…

        The Cybermen / Dalek story is a fanboy idea that took nearly forty years to come to fruition, but part of the reason it doesn’t work too well is that both sides are machine-like in nature. It’s less applicable to the Daleks, who (far from being robots) are mutated brains stuck in metal cases behaving like angry toddlers, but the AI-like strategies of both sides makes for dull plotlines. ‘Destiny of the Daleks’ illustrated this point by having the Doctor play Rock, Paper Scissors with the robots who were fighting the Daleks on Skaro – every match they played with each other resulted in stalemate.

        Part of the issue with the Dalek / Cyber war in ‘Doomsday’ is that the Cybermen are hopelessly outgunned, at least in terms of their technology. They’re not the advanced race that’s set out to conquer the stars with fleets of warships. In terms of development they’re not far off the prototype stage. And they’re also incapable of thinking emotionally, which is something that the Classic Cybermen *did* do when it suited them – Cyber Leaders have been known to display pride, haughtiness and anger, for example. We may call ‘Doomsday’ a Cybermen / Dalek matchup, for sure, but it’s far from the story that would have been told back in, say, 1986…

  2. Thank you for the explanation!
    I’m using that someday.
    Also, since I’m a newbie to the classics, what episodes would you advise me to watch from each doctor’s reign?
    I’m trying to prepare for the 50th, but really don’t have time to marathon.

    • reverend61

      Well, actually I’m preparing a post that discusses just that – two stories for each Doctor. But it’s taking a long time! In the meantime, suggest you start at the beginning. Watch the first episode, then skip to ‘The Daleks’. For the Second Doctor much of it is missing, but ‘The Invasion’ is splendid. For the Third Doctor, ‘Inferno’ is brilliant but atypical, and for the Fourth, I’d suggest ‘Pyramids of Mars’ or ‘The Ark In Space’ (although there are many, many good ones). That ought to keep you going for a while!

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