Poster art

This month’s Doctor Who magazine contains a large double-sided poster. On one side is a last hurrah for the Eleventh Doctor, full of Cybermen and Angels and Silents. The other side is far more interesting, containing a complete list of every single episode, along with its title (so the First Doctor episodes are listed by individual title, rather than by collected story). The upshot of showing all eight hundred (if you include the upcoming ‘Time of the Doctor’) in sequence is that it shows you how comparatively little Who there’s actually been in the past eight years. Each episode / story is an event, for certain, and it’s a little under twice its standard length in the 1980s, but it seems as if the BBC would rather skimp on the number of different stories they present, choosing instead to pool their resources to deliver a smaller number of higher quality stories – along with ‘Nightmare in Silver’, of course.

Showing this to someone like Thomas – whose obsession with individual episodes and sequencing knows no bounds – is rather like giving a ball of string to a cat. As you can see below.


(Seriously, he’s been there two days. At some point I really ought to move him.)

Meanwhile, I’ve had the boys produce a series of Christmas pictures for their grandparents, with the intention of hanging them in pouch pocket gift sets we’re preparing. And I thought I’d share this offering from Joshua, because it strikes me that it’s what ‘Fear Her’ could have been like in more capable hands.


Happy Advent!


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