Baywatch, starring The Doctor

You will recall that I spent most of yesterday Photoshopping David Hasselhoff’s head onto the Doctor’s body, with mixed (but hopefully amusing) results.

When I showed it to Emily, she said “What want to see is the Doctor’s head, superimposed over David Hasselhoff’s body. You know, in scenes from Knight Rider and Baywatch.”

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, so here we go. But be careful what you wish for.

Hoff_Who (7)




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2 thoughts on “Baywatch, starring The Doctor


    • reverend61

      I know. When I did it I kind of felt like Frankenstein must have done when the monster first approaches him and starts talking about all the things it’s done.

      But look again, because I stupidly published one image twice – this has now been corrected.

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