Nemesis in Silver

From this week’s Doctor Who Adventures. Meh. Kids know dick. I’d be willing to bet that not one of the survey respondents has seen ‘The Invasion’.



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3 thoughts on “Nemesis in Silver

  1. Alastair Savage

    That’s so true. The Cybermen design made a quantum leap for the Invasion. Just got my Web of Fear DVD now so I’m looking forward to a bit of 60s grit and Unit.

    • reverend61

      Ooh! I am holding out for a reduced price for The Web Of Fear (and I still haven’t watched Enemy of the World yet) but I do look forward to it.

      My son and I watched The Invasion a couple of months ago; I think if you were to ask him which are his favourite Cybermen he’d struggle to answer – but it wouldn’t be the Borglike Matrix-emulating warriors from Nightmare in Silver. That was just a mess!

      • Alastair Savage

        It’s the Cybermats every time for me. I reckon they can hoover the rug too.

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