That Doctor Who Teaser Trailer – Uncut

You’ve seen it, presumably, although there really isn’t much to see.

SJ said that she couldn’t care less that “it showed nothing, it totally did its job”. She’s right about it showing nothing: this is on the cusp of not even being a teaser, given that it shows precisely one shot of someone we only recognise because of media exposure (and ten seconds of 2013 footage) standing in darkness at the top of some stairs. Not that this is new. The first trailer for the 2005 revival showed a dematerialising TARDIS, with one TV spot reserved for a shot of its interior, with a brooding Eccleston and Piper staring at the camera. In a way that was harder to bear, because (largely thanks to the show’s lengthy absence) we had no idea what to expect. At least this time it’s a safe bet there will be wibbly-wobbly predestination idiocy sexual hangups from Clara, dodgy comic relief about grenades from Dan Starkey, and a tedious arc about why the Doctor looks like the chap from ‘The Fires of Pompeii’ (because having the Doctor played by someone who has already appeared on the show is something that’s never been done before, ever).

But the job of the thing is to get the fans talking, and – although I’ve stayed out of it – I’d guess there has already been all sorts of conjecture as to whether that explosion is a major plot point or just post-regenerational TARDIS fallout, and whether we’re going to be faced with another ‘Twin Dilemma’, another ‘Power of the Daleks’ or another ‘Spearhead From Space’ (although it’s fair to say we’ve had that already). But to those of you complaining that “We didn’t see anything”, I’d like to point out that sometimes you’re better off embracing the darkness, rather than simply cursing it.

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5 thoughts on “That Doctor Who Teaser Trailer – Uncut

  1. I like how you quite cleaned up that quote (and the link is apropos, as well).

    • reverend61

      Well. I have no objections to your use of language, but I didn’t know how public you’d want me to make something you wrote on Facebook!

      The link was entirely serendipitous. But yes!

      • I feel bad for being so wrapped up in other things that I forgot about tomorrow. Needs must plan and scheme.

      • reverend61

        Have a bath and then don’t get dressed. That way you’ll have your towel with you all day without even thinking about it.

      • bahahahaha, BRILLIANT!

        I did just start reading Dirk Gently, though.

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