The Ice Bucket Warriors, and other matters

I spend a lot of time pouring cold water on things here, so it was only a matter of time before we referenced ALS.

“I nominate…Mickey Smith, Davros, and Count Grendel. Geronimo!”


Also in the news this week: The Great British Bake Off hits murky waters when it transpires that one of its contestants left the show after his Baked Alaska was ostensibly sabotaged by a fellow baking rival (and Women’s Institute member). Cue outrage on social media (all grouped under the when-oh-when-will-they-stop-flogging-these-dead-horses hashtag bingate), and an awful lot of people calling for the head of Diana Beard (who, like ZZ Top’s Frank Beard, doesn’t have one). In a further twist we’ve now learned that Diana herself quit shortly afterwards because of ‘illness’ and that her actions were supposedly edited to make it appear that the ice cream had been out of the freezer for a long time. It’s kind of nice that people have a sense of natural justice, and I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between – but I do remember that dodgy editing plagued Highlander 2Quantum of Solace and ‘Nightmare in Silver’.

Anyway, I tried to mix this in with a Rani story, or something similar, but there are no Doctor Who stories about Baked Alaska, and comparatively few of them about the real Alaska. I asked Gareth for a pun, and while you really have to know your Sixth Doctor, this one does work rather well.

And now I want an Arctic roll. Can you still get Arctic roll?

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