God is in the detail (xiii)

Today in God is in the Detail, we examine ‘Into The Dalek’.

Walls are what you need to be looking at for this episode. Walls, and lots of them. Well, two or three. But there are CLUES on these walls, things that may seem like standard background detail but which actually have GREAT SIGNIFICANCE when it comes to the arc.

For example. Here’s Danny in the office, looking at a wall.

Into_Dalek_Detail (2)

But ignore that wall. That wall’s not important. All right, actually it is, but we’ll come back to it. Look instead at the back wall, next to the window. Notice the pyramid? You know, the pyramid we discussed last week which is an OBVIOUS REFERENCE to ‘Pyramids of Mars’, and the imminent return of the Fourth Doctor? Well, I’ll go one better: next to the pyramid is the Eiffel Tower, which the Fourth Doctor visited with Romana at the beginning of ‘City of Death’.

Right, now you can have a look at what Danny’s examining.

Into_Dalek_Detail (3)

…Yes, it’s the London Eye, which also acted as a transmitter for the Nestene Consciousness back in 2005, signalling the IMMINENT RETURN of the Autons, and Camille Coduri to boot. But wait! Perhaps it’s not Jackie Tyler – perhaps it’s Mickey Smith, who just last week was cozying up with the Second Doctor and River Song.


And, of course, a ford (as discussed last week) is part of a river, and ‘Into the Dalek’ was co-written by Phil Ford, as well as starring Bradley Ford in the role of Fleming I’m sure I don’t need to join the dots here. But if you needed any further proof that these two things were IRREVERSIBLY CONNECTED –


I rest my case. And here it is.


Incidentally, ‘City of Death’ also featured Kevin Flood in the role of Hermann, and rivers flood, so this should give you all the proof you need. THIS CANNOT BE A COINCIDENCE.

Meanwhile, Danny’s maths lesson appears to have been interrupted by a young David Lynch, sitting at the back.

Into_Dalek_Detail (4)


I’ve blogged about the David Lynch / Doctor Who connection before, and guess what? TWO of the four references in Mulholland Drive are to Fourth Doctor stories.



IT’S THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE. (Oh, all right, that’s a metaphor.)

Meanwhile, inside the Dalek, we can see a green coil which is OBVIOUSLY SUPPOSED TO BE A SNAKE.

Into_Dalek_Detail (8)

I’d say it’s the snake from ‘Kinda’, but the phone’s just a dummy and the windows are the wrong size it’s the wrong colour. I have a feeling I’m clutching at straws here. For example, I wrote about ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’ last week, and it’s a pity there aren’t any snakes in that.


Or I was thinking about some of the more obscure Fourth Doctor stories, such as ‘The Sontaran Experiment’. But there aren’t any snakes in that either.


But anyway. Look at this.

Into_Dalek_Detail (9)

Notice ‘F74’ scrawled up the side, and ‘F75’ on the opposite side. And how stories 74 and 75 in the sequence happen to be ‘Planet of the Spiders’ and ‘Robot’, both of which deal with the regeneration of the Third Doctor into the Fourth Doctor. This is a matter of STAGGERING IMPORTANCE. CLEARLY the Fourth Doctor is about to make an UNEXPECTED COMEBACK. And you know I’m right because I’ve just spent ages talking about it, including WRITING IN CAPITALS BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE DO WHEN THEY’RE SAYING THINGS THAT ARE ACTUALLY QUITE OBVIOUS TO OTHER PEOPLE.

Meanwhile, Clara is having a conversation with Danny, but notice the folder she’s carrying.

Into_Dalek_Detail (6)

The name scrawled on the front is ‘Gareth Wilkins’, which may not seem important, but it’s my theory that it means A GREAT DEAL. In order to ascertain why, we must look beyond the name. There are architects and therapists called Gareth Wilkins. However! If we take the words ‘Gareth Wilkins Clara Oswald’ we can rearrange them to get ‘Analogical Ward Threw Silks’, which is a clear reference to the thing that happens fifty seconds into this, which is taken from – oh look! – ‘Pyramids of Mars’.

Well, perhaps.

Incidentally, ‘Gareth Wilkins Clara Oswald’ can also be arranged to form ‘A Collateral Warding Whisks’, and a clearer reference to the Daleks’ other implement you could not wish for.


I daresay Danny is finding this all very amusing.

Into_Dalek_Detail (5)

And oh, look. It’s the Eiffel Tower.

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3 thoughts on “God is in the detail (xiii)

  1. Thanks for th Pyramids clip! One of the Classics.
    Haven’t had th chance to catch Capaldi as th Doctor yet – can’t be any worse than th last three, can he?
    The 4th will always be th Best Regeneration, & Sarah Jane Smith arguably th Best Companion!
    You might appreciate this:

    • reverend61

      Yes, it’s one of my favourite moments in what is arguably my favourite story. And you’re right, Sarah Jane probably was the best companion, even if she did wind up wearing an Andy Pandy outfit in that last story. Capaldi’s good; he’s basically half William Hartnell, half Shrek, and that’s a winning compilation.

      Your post made me all nostalgic for the decent Star Wars films. And I read The Iron Legion recently. It really is quite good!

      • Thanks for Liking my Post, Brian.
        Yes, Pyramids is an excellent choice for fave story!
        To think that th early Weekly strips were based on scripts rejected by th BBC prog-makers. Would have loved to watch Iron Legion on th box! Would’ve been better than some of th stories filmed during that era.
        “You may speak to me now, my purple light is on”

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