Go, Fourth, and Multiply

Here’s this week’s collection of random images from yours truly, all Tom Baker related.

I am making my first foray into the world of peripatetic music tuition, and teaching the piano to the boy round the corner. And, you know, one thing sort of led to another…


Teaching the piano is a welcome distraction from Facebook, because my news feed has been full of those irritating ‘bets’. You know. The one where you post a pregnancy test result and if anyone falls for it they then have to change their profile picture to a sloth. Or the breast cancer ones aimed at gender solidification, where you post ‘secret’ answers to questions that only women know about.


I should mention at this point that my sister-in-law gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday. They have called him Noah. In honour of the event I suggested that we all dress up in green bubble wrap and lurch around Southmead Hospital. This was vetoed. Some people just don’t understand culture.

Question: how far do you go to get a pun? Particularly when the target audience is someone who knows their Doctor Who and Metal Gear Solid into the bargain?

This far.

An hour of sourcing and chopping and filtering. Totally worth it.

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