Have I got Whos for you

By the time you read this I will be on my way to Pembrokeshire. This post, therefore, takes the form of one of those final “We leave you with news…” segments on Have I Got News For You.

First, archive and previously unseen images from the ‘Day of the Doctor’ filming sessions cast two of the Doctor Who actors in a rather unpleasant light.

Meanwhile, reports from Comic-Con suggest some inconsistent turnouts.

And there’s tension on the set of CBeebies favourite Old Jack’s Boat, when star Bernard Cribbins hooks up with Don Gilet.

See you in two weeks.

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5 thoughts on “Have I got Whos for you

  1. Question.

    Why are there no comments on this post? Seven bloggers like this post. Am I the first? Blimey.

    Facebook, Clicky? No. Who has time?

    Hello, I live in a Library: https://roobeedoo2.wordpress.com/

    I make my own shambles…

    • reverend61

      You’re the first. Comments are always welcome!

      • Well, one’s just disappeared on your latest post and Clicky has one in moderation. Would you rescue and release, please?

        Clicky, was that for me or The Rev?

        Language, Clicky! Where’s your class?

      • reverend61

        Well, I haven’t deleted anything, so I don’t know what happened. Kind of hard to administer on a phone.

      • No – that’s the second disappearing comment occurrence to happen today. Another blog. Never mind.

        So you’re a Mobile Brain of Morbius. Cool. I have post to write, so I’ll come back and have a rummage later. Looks interesting so far 😉

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