God is in the detail (9-2)

I’m a little late on my rounds this week, for one reason and another (more on that another time). But it has meant plenty of time to digest and mull over the only slightly wibbly-wobbly orgy of delights that was ‘The Witch’s Familiar’. Without further ado, here are the SIGNS and CLUES that hint at BIGGER THINGS DOWN THE LINE.

Exhibit A: the Doctor, escaping from Davros’s room.

Witch_Detail (2)

There are eight segments in that initial tunnel. The Doctor is in the FOURTH. Furthermore eight is itself exactly divisible by FOUR. The two adjoining intersections that you may see are only roughly square in shape (technically octagonal), but they have FOUR corner sections. There are FOUR indecipherable symbols in the central right section. Davros’s chamber itself is made up of FOUR not-exactly-concentric layers that surround the central core. Lastly, the porthole through which we view this is surrounded by FOUR bolts that secure it to the wall.

We can therefore conclude, unambiguously, that this is linked to the Sixth Doctor. There is absolutely no other explanation.

Now look at this.

Witch_Detail (1)

Laser blasts, innit? WRONG. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG.

Tridents. That’s what they are. Well, two tridents and a bit that’s broken off. Don’t believe me? Just watch.


Tridents have been in the British news quite a lot lately, mostly thanks to Jeremy Corbyn. But Tridents featured heavily in Ulysses 31, the 1981 Japanese / French collaboration that saw a dashing hero wander aimlessly through an unknown universe, bereft of the ability to navigate, accompanied by a sentient spacecraft, a couple of children and an annoying tin robot.

…I mean, I could go on. What’s more, if you take the words “Mortals! You defy the Gods?”) and rearrange the letters, you get ‘Adders foetus mythology’, which obviously refers to Colony Sarff.


No, I said Sarff. SARFF.

And the bit that’s broken off? A CLEAR AND DELIBERATE reference to ‘Day of the Doctor’, which, like the Labour party, also featured a weathered, bearded man trying to relate to a youthful, slightly wary new breed. Two complete Doctors and one that isn’t quite, but you can’t miss him.

Finally, note there are seven of these. There were seven Doctors in the classic run. The Doctor is at this point being attacked by androids. ‘The Android Invasion’ (in which established characters were replaced with synthetic duplicates) celebrates its fortieth anniversary on 22 November, the day after episode 10 is due to air. Episode 10 is called ‘Face the Raven’. Ravens featured in ‘Day of the Doctor’. There you have it, my friends, in black and white, or at least black against a calming shade of peach. (Thank you, WordPress Adventurer Journal theme.)

Next up, here’s a bored-looking Davros, sitting in his chair.

Witch_Detail (5)

Not much to say about this one, except: Big ‘blue’ ‘button’ >> snow globe >> last episode of St. Elsewhere, in which the whole show was a fantasy in the head of a kid with autism. Conclusion: NONE OF THIS IS REAL. One word: head crabs.

Finally, here’s the Doctor, with a sixties-type thing in the background. Cool, isn’t it?

Witch_Detail (4)

Note the snake obscuring the white circle of light, which thus becomes a half moon. Half Moon Bay are an established online company, an “award-winning wholesaler of licensed and themed giftware”: their Doctor Who selection is substantial and impressive, but most interesting of all are the fact that they’re based in Bath. To join the dots here we must look at Longleat House, which has a long history associated with Doctor Who – from the 1983 anniversary convention (nearly ruined by Mark Strickson’s assertion that you can “just turn up”) to the exhibition that was there for years afterwards. And who lives in Longleat House? That’s right. The Marquis of Bath.

Note also the black circle with three dots of blue light – at 9, 12 and 3 o’clock respectively, a clear and unambiguous reference to Capaldi, Eccleston and Pertwee. But note also the dot of red light just up to the left – at 10 o’clock, by the way. Now watch what happens when we connect the dots.

Witch_Detail (4b)

Ostensibly it’s a rhombus, also known as a diamond. But if you squint, it’s a kite, or a parallelogram. I will say that again: a rhomBUS, a DIAMOND, a KITE (which, by the way, is a flying object, in at least two contexts), or a PARALLELogram.

From this we conclude: the human Tenth Doctor, currently trapped in a PARALLEL universe, is due to encounter someone with a fondness for DIAMONDS and other expensive things, in a BUS that FLIES.


Dum. Dum. Dum. Du-du-du-du…

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