Ranking the Doctors from worst to best

Cameron McEwan – one of my fellow Metro writers – has done an article today that ranks every Doctor from worst to best.

Cameron’s entitled to his views, of course, but even allowing for the weighting of particular eras (McGann has an hour and a half, Hurt has less) he’s flat out wrong. What’s annoying is that he’s pipped me to the post, because I’ve been working on such a list myself. Factoring in audience approval ratings, average tenure in the role, aggregate DVD sales and online streaming figures, all fed into a precise and impossibly mathematical formula that I’m in the process of patenting, I can now supply THE DEFINITIVE LIST of Doctor rankings, starting at the bottom (worst) and moving up to the top (best).

And here it is.


13. Your thirteenth and least favourite Doctor.

12. Your twelfth favourite Doctor.

11. Your eleventh favourite Doctor.

10. Your tenth favourite Doctor.

9. Your ninth favourite Doctor.

8. Your eighth favourite Doctor.

7. Your seventh favourite Doctor.

6. Your sixth favourite Doctor.

5. Your fifth favourite Doctor.

4. Your fourth favourite Doctor.

3. Your third favourite Doctor.

2. Your second favourite Doctor.

1. Your favourite Doctor.


There. Told you it was definitive.

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10 thoughts on “Ranking the Doctors from worst to best

  1. essjay

    bahahahaha, I am sitting here cackling to myself.

    (That other list was rubbish and I may have had a scary forehead vein while reading it.)

  2. Jon Pertwee was the best doctor 🙂
    The Science Geek

    • reverend61

      …Actually, while he’s not my personal favourite, I can’t argue with you. He had a certain greatness about him, and I love the way he took it all so seriously.

  3. Nice job! lol
    You know how deal with the fans. 🙂

    • reverend61

      I should; I’m one myself…! 🙂

      • It’s sure that ranking those kind of stuff is so subjective that not anyone would have the same.

      • reverend61


      • drswirly

        When there were only eight Doctors, there were only 8! = 40,320 ways to order them, and so it was guaranteed that loads of people would have the same list as someone else.

        Adding in Eccleston and Tennant, this becomes 10! = 3,628,800, so it was still guaranteed.

        With Smith, it’s 11! = 39,916,800. It’s possible that there are 40 million Who fans in the world, but probably not.

        But with Hurt and Capaldi, it’s 13! = 6,227,020,800. So if the whole world joins in, we could still guarantee a clash, but it’s looking a little unlikely now.

        (I’ll go away again now.)

      • reverend61

        I salute you. I’m impressed that you went to the trouble of working this out!

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