Praise for Brian of Morbius


The following testimonials are all genuine – none are spam.

“The fish fingers and custard thing is getting seriously old after three mentions across three seasons? Are you kidding me?”

“This review is wrong.”

“Well you don’t sound paranoid at all. Nor like you’ve made your mind already.”

“Don’t be pathetic.”

“In the future, if your really want to pick up more viewers, attempt to share your REAL thoughts on the piece you are reviewing, as opposed to regurgitating a bunch of tropes you spotted in the show, which any 10 year old can do with an internet connection. What makes a review interesting and worthwhile is when the writer avoids traps like giving the reader a shopping list of things they found cliched or tropey. There isn’t a single original point in your review.”

“I thought it was appalling.”

“Screw you, Martha’s the best and in this episode in particular, so awesome. 100% better than you.”

“That was just painful.”

“You strike me as a nice guy, intelligent and articulate. I find it disappointing that I cannot enjoy what you write.”


Praise for the author’s other work….

“A fucking arrogant cock. He’s as bad as a vegan!”


“This article is being widely criticised, and rightly so. Get over yourself.”

“This blog is driven by nostalgia and personal bias.”

“More half assed journalism.”

“What a crappy article!”

“Really, how misinformed. Whoever wrote this rubbish?”

“What a sh*tty list, crap. [Christopher] Nolan is Brilliant, and you are an idiot.”

“So this article was published? The content editor has lost his mind if he permitted that to go up!”

“I hate clowns like him – if you don’t like it lean ya fat ass forward grab the remote and change the channel. Moron! Always got something to moan about……..”

“Talk about some real news you wasteman.”

“This post is bollocks.”

“Classic internet clickbait, all headline and no substance.”

“Well, Mr so-called media person, you don’t rate with me at all.”

“Probably one of the weakest lists I have ever seen.”

“Who writes this drivel?”

“The writer of this article needs a slap in the face. I know DW news is usually thin on the ground, but I’d rather see NO articles than vacuous filler.”

“This is crap.”

“Whoever wrote this probably voted out and loves Trump.”

“Wait what? You’re serious??? Then get stuffed and go away, we’ll be fine without your kind spreading your nonsense around here. You’ve got some serious issues, I can tell, but writing articles filled with shit like this helps no one.”

“All sorts of wrong.”

“What a ridiculous article.”

“The misogynistic tone of this article is way more troubling to me than anything else the author brings up.”

“When the show gets cancelled, the finger will be pointed at this fair and square.”

“What a total joke of a report. Sack whichever moron wrote this and donate their Christmas bonus to an animal charity! #trolljournalist”

“Do people pay you to be this stupid?”

“Nothing holy about this satanic, Illuminati Hollywood hype.”

“If the guy who wrote this is a critic I think he needs to find another job.”

“Article was published April 26th. 25 days late?”

“Wow, this blogger clearly needs to remove the large stick labelled ‘bah humbug’ from up his arse….he needs to go and establish himself as something other then a hypocritical biggot blogger before ripping on other people’s creative success.”

“I fear your extremist militant hatred can never be reasoned with. It is the obstinacy, hatred and stupidity of people like you that created Brexit and Trump and will probably kill the BBC too.”


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One thought on “Praise for Brian of Morbius

  1. Pathetic. You just used other people’s comments to make a blog post. Can’t you write anything original?!

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