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Merry Christmas from the Doctor

We’ve still got a few days to go before the indulgence and excess kicks in properly, but just in case any of you happened to be looking for Doctor Who Christmas-themed wallpaper, here are my seasonal offerings for this year.

(The rather splendid original for this one, bereft of Santa hats and poorly Photoshopped tinsel, is available here.)

Next, this deleted scene from ‘Day of the Doctor’.


(Given Peter Capaldi’s involvement in The Nativity this really ought to have featured the Twelfth Doctor somewhere, but any excuse for John Hurt.)

Finally, something that took me all of two minutes. I can’t embed it, but here’s a still.


Curious? Have a look here. And Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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Christmas, Doctor Who style

So, you know. You have the seed of an idea. And a copy of Fireworks. And a stack of ironing that you’d really rather not start this evening.


And then – and then – it all gets a bit silly.

It’s a little early to be saying ‘Happy Christmas’. But that’s time travel, so Happy Christmas!



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