Dalek folk music

Last week, I brought you Daleks at bedtime.

Today, courtesy of the ever-reliable Vikki, we can now let you know what Davros’ finest get up to when they’re not out conquering the universe.

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3 thoughts on “Dalek folk music

  1. I’m not the bigest fan of Dr Who. I think I have only ever seen it once (It was shown on a flight).

    But still I found it hard to contain my laughter when I saw this (I am in the library)

    • reverend61

      Ah yes, those moments where you want to laugh and dare not! I have the same problem in the office.

      Glad you liked, anyway. And do watch Doctor Who, but start with the classic years if you can. Jon Pertwee’s a good place to leap in, if you can put up with the dodgy effects…

  2. i just snorted tea through my nose. that was awesome, post more, post more!

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