Go figure (part ii)

Those of you who’ve been here for a while may remember that two or three months ago I told you about Emily’s chance discovery of a horde of Doctor Who figures in one of our local charity shops; I also posted some photos of them all. Anyway, a few weeks ago I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and finally spent my birthday money on this:

Oh, it is a thing of beauty. And one thing sort of led to another.

“You always insisted on calling me ‘the boy’ in The Five Doctors, but I’ve got at least two hundred years on you.”

“I can’t even tell you what I’m thinking right now.”

“All right, it was rubbish, and the half-human thing was a catastrophe. But at least I brought back the jelly babies.”

“Oh! The back of our head.”

The Doctors get down and funky for the annual Time Lords’ disco

“Someone really should tell Five and Six that breakdancing went out when Adric died.”

“If you’re supposed to be the superior race in the universe, why don’t you try climbing after us?”
“Oh, bugger.”

“I know the bow tie isn’t exactly Saville Row, but I’m just saying there’s a line. There’s a line, and you crossed it.”

“Do-do-do, c’mon and do the conga…”

“Oh! The back of our arse.”

Drunken photocall.

If the lighting looks slightly inconsistent on some of them, that’s because I went back and re-shot some of the blurred ones the next morning when the sun was out. Oh how we suffer for our art. Coming soon: new and previously unseen photos of the great Time Lords’ dance-off. I shan’t tell you who wins. Spoilers, sweetie.

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