The Gold Road (revisited)

If you’ve been here a while, you may remember me talking about this.

If not, then the original post may shed some light. Anyway, I mention it here this evening because I’ve suddenly managed to stick the thing on YouTube, which is lovely because Viddler never got any traffic. I had a hunch that UMG might have slackened their copyright stance a bit (you can hardly blame them, after recent events, and they get no sympathy from me), so I tried uploading just to see what would happen, and it got through.

Anyway, that’s great, but it has a downside: viewing this sentimental hugfest has meant I now have to fight the urge to go back and revisit the entirety of Tennant’s run. I may eventually give in, of course, and just skip ‘Evolution of the Daleks’. Compromise works.

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2 thoughts on “The Gold Road (revisited)

  1. Holy crap, this is fantastic.

    I unabashedly love that song, I don’t care how ridiculously cheesy it is (and I’ve bookmarked your music blog [!] for later perusal).

    I am still giggling and might watch again.

    • reverend61

      Yes – don’t take this the wrong way, but there really *is* no accounting for taste. By which I do not mean that you are silly for loving that song, but that your reasons for loving it are undoubtedly as complex, personal and sociologically orientated as are my reasons for hating it. At the end of the day you can seldom convince someone that a song they hate is actually wonderful; the opposite is equally true.

      Funny thing is I was listening to it again last night (reviewing the YouTube upload for blemishes and distortions, which I neglected to do on Saturday) and I admit it’s growing on me.

      Do enjoy Drop of the Hat when you get round to reading it. Start at the end and work your way forward; it tells a coherent story. (I eventually sent it to Bill Drummond.)

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